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7 Mar

Have I made anything lately? No.

Yes, I generally bake for others. Birthday, holidays, Sundays, I’m usually feeding others my sweet and treats. But let’s get real, I do it for me too.

So since I’m dessert free until Easter, I need a week or two during lent before I can bake and not eat it. So you can look forward to reading about something St. Patrick’s style for my roomies next week! Probably peanut buttery!

I did want to bring this little gem to you though,

If you haven’t heard of this amazingly ridiculous but necessary invention. It is the Sprinkles Cupcakes ATM. Yes, 24-hour automatic cupcake machine. I will be visiting this in about 32 days. Yum.

Pancake Buffet

26 Feb

I’ve been wanting to celebrate food holidays for a while now and excitedly got the chance to have a food holiday party this Saturday thanks to Food Buzz!

You know I got to be a part of their amazing 24×24 program on New Year’s Eve, which may have been one of my best parties to date, and I got to participate again – this time with a pancake buffet!

Food Buzz picks the day and submit the proposal, so for me, I used this opportunity to google what February 25th means in the food world – and it’s the end of National Pancake Week!!

So to celebrate a bunch of my friends came over and we had the ultimate pancake buffet – complete with multiple flavors and mimosas, of course.

At a regular brunch buffet, you get your mix of entrees, but do you ever get your choice of pancake mix-ins and toppings? That was the goal with my party. I wanted to make every guests pancake dreams come true – success.

First I set up the buffet with an assortment of fruits, syrup, whipped cream, pecans, powdered sugar, cinnamon and for the sweet tooth, chocolate chips.

While we mixed up our mimosas,

I baked up an apple dutch pancake. It was my first attempt of a baked pancake, and in the future I might bake the cake at a lower temp because I burned the top a bit and felt as if the middle was a little soft, but it was still a great mix of apple slices and fluffy dough. Yum! I’m sure my dad would like that the next time I’m home.

Next I whisked together the wet and dry ingredients of a basic pancake recipe. You know I’m only a fan of boxes when they contain brownie mix, so pancakes had to come from scratch as well – and they were cute and perfect. I decided to make little guys because, well because my cookie scoop was the perfect size!

My guests then picked from my topper buffet and dressed up their baby cakes!

Everyone loved that they could customize their plates and mix and match – especially with both salty and sweet options!

I’m so excited that I got to have this party and send a huge thanks to Food Buzz – hope to participate again soon!

PS – thanks to Jenn for the awesome PJ flair!

Ohh – and Jordan for making sausage patties to add to the table!


Sweet Changes

14 Nov

As you can see, Nilla Rose has been revamped and born again as Sweet Talk! There’s also going to be a lot more than just dessert pictures on here, I’ll be finding and spreading cheer throughout the holiday season with Twitter questions and new recipes, visits to some of my favorite kitchens and I’m also going share all the sugar news I read with you guys, sounds like I picked a really great week to change this up. Here’s my first Sweet discovery of the day.

One of my favorite Tweets to follow is @cupcakeblog. The site, Cupcakes Take the Cake, is constantly promoting delicious looking cupcakes from both fancy bakeries and homecooks like me! My favorite pick from today is this one from BAKE Cupcakery, based in Appleton, Wisconsin. Thanks for the fall flavored idea, definitely thanksgiving inspiration for me!

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