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Roll Out

24 Jan

Desserts can be easy and desserts can be complicated. Christmas cookies, however, MUST have a balance of both. Would it really be Santa’s day without a stocking shaped sugar cookie on a plate waiting for him the night of the 24th? Nope. Impossible.

That’s why we have roll-outs. I can’t remember a December without sugar cookie cut-outs. In fact, this year I did them twice. Once in LA with Cynthia and Alex and once with my mom on what is always known as “Sugar Cookie Day.” See, she made these cookies for every birthday and holiday when we were little, so I know she can do them and I know she likes them enough for me to guilt her in to helping me.

Because, I love baking and decorating, but there’s something monumentally intimidating about over 100 cookies waiting to be shaped and drizzled. Enter: mom. Thanks.

We did sugar cookie day (and night) the week of Christmas and ended up with some really fun ones. I realized a few years ago that frosting the cookies and shaking colored sugars on top is both the prettiest and easiest way to go. Success once again.

I ventured into the land of roll-outs more than once this season. I also made Candy Cane Kiss Cookies, Cinnamon Bun Cookies and Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies. I’m not going to lie. They weren’t very successful, but I blame myself, not the cookies.

The Candy Cane Kisses idea was again from Recipe Girl, though I’ll be honest mine were too flat and not that delicious. I did like the pop of color they added to my display though. I’m pretty sure I messed them up some how. Maybe next year I’ll try a different kind of kiss cookie – since I love those kisses.

The Cinnamon Bun cookies (also RG) were on my list this year for my brother, Tommy. He loves cinnamon-y sugar sweets and I usually whip up some snickerdoodles to satisfy that craving. I decided to swap that out for these. I failed again. I’m guessing it was something to do with my temperature rolling or impatience baking that made these crunchy fails. The filling was really tasty, so it wasn’t a bad recipe by any means. It was just a crackly crust. I mean, when you try to make 18 cookies in a few days, there are bound to be some that end up at the bottom of the bin. I still served them though and they were good dunkers. Whoops. That’s why I stick to quicker things — i.e. fudge and chocolate chippers.

Finally, let’s take a look back at those Red Velvet Cheesecake Cookies. They were fantastic. I make it a point every year to add something red velvet to the mix. First, my mom and a few of my cousins LOVE red velvet. And second, I know that cookies are bland looking sometimes, but you know what’s never bland? A red cookie. These were actually from a cake mix, strange for me, I know, but guess what? Super success. Although they look like drop cookies, they were rolled. I mixed, chilled and rolled the red dough, then I took balls of cheesy-cheesecake filling and mashed them together. Ok, I didn’t really mash. I rolled the red around the white and hoped for the best. Even though most of the cookies cracked, they looked pretty, and since  I nixed the glaze, because sometimes you run out of white chocolate, the pop of white in the middle was the perfect holiday decoration.

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