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Bear down with Brownies! And cupcakes and cookies!

13 Dec

December means a whole lot of fun for most people, celebrating holidays, enjoying peppermint mochas at Starbucks and of course devouring desserts. But if you know my brother, it also means the annual BEARS TAILGATE.


This year was the Ninth Annual Bears Tailgate and it didn’t disappoint, well the Bears disappointed us, because they lost. But the event was still {almost} flawless. I will leave the disastrous defense, misplaced Michelle items, and the unforgettable yet difficult to remember details, out of this post, and instead tell you about the desserts I brought along. Since that is how I get my $10 discount.


I decided to bring three different items since we were a bus of about 25 people, plus I’m always worried people won’t like things, so I bring multiples.

First up, my new favorite recipe – Bailey’s Brownies. These are pretty simple and ridiculously amazing. All you do is buy your favorite brownie mix and swap the water for Bailey’s. Don’t worry, kids can enjoy them, there’s only a shot or two in the entire box and the alcohol cooks out, but the flavor stays in and is such a complement to the chewy chocolate bites! I also added in chocolate chips to max out on the fun.


Next, oatberries. Amanda Lee requested my signature cookie that she’d never tasted. She loved them – success.


Finally I made some graham cracker cupcakes with green vanilla buttercream frosting topped with chocolate marshmallows that were supposed to look like footballs. These weren’t the best things I ever made because some of the bottoms burnt. Embarrassing I know, though I can probably say it was because I used foil cups – whoops, forgot I don’t like to use those.


Also, the marshmallows were gross and no one knew they were footballs. And you know, there isn’t a 60, 70, 80 or 90 yard line on the football field. Fortunately I realized that one myself the night before the game, so at least I could laugh about my dumbness instead of having someone point it out to me!

As aforementioned, things were lost both physically and mentally, so I don’t know how many cupcakes were actually eaten, though I do know that a certain Termini dropped giardiniera on one of those 40 yardline-rs, so I made him eat that one, and the brownies were gone before kick-off!




The Drops

12 Jan

A spread of cookies isn’t complete without the drops. Drop cookies are a dessert lovers equivalent to a hug. Yes, fudge, cutouts and bars are delicious and fun, but nothing says cookie like a buttery, sugary circle filled with your favorite chunks.

I’m salivating just thinking about my Christmas trio.

I made three drop cookies this holiday season. First, of course, a chocolate chip dream. Yes, I make chocolate chip cookies more than anything else, but I never make the same recipe. And unfortunately I have no idea what recipe I used, but I’m sure you can find one. My favorite thing to do for these chippers is to mix the flavors. Thanks to my mom’s amazing chocolate chip shopping skills this year I had plenty to choose from. I threw in equal parts milk, semi-sweet and dark chips and voila – sweet deliciousness ensued.

The second drop cookie was inspired by my mom and dad’s recent winter trip to Hawaii. They brought all of us back some amazing (and fresh!) macadamia nuts. Since I have a tendency to eat entire packages of things, I refrained from opening my can until it was cookie baking time and made some white chocolate macadamia oatmeal drop cookies. I’m not lying when I say these were one of the best things I’ve ever devoured. I used the entire can (well minus like 6 that I ate myself) of nuts, which led to a chunkier result that the original recipe, but it was the cookie that defied all laws of yummy.

And finally, no cookie smorgasbord of mine is ever complete without a little blue oatberry chilling out in the corner. These michelle originals were even more fun this time because I made them in mini’s. Bite size soft and chewy cookies, perfect for that last bite.

If only there were leftovers.


oatberries again

24 Mar

Last night I needed to bake, and not just because I’ve been slacking lately. I needed to bake because I’m entering a “Best Baker Search” contest. I read about it last week through a link from Twitter and I felt like it was a great opportunity for me and that I had to do it. I filled out the questionnaire right away and got a response asking for a video, which I put it off until the last minute, as always, but finally I finished it last night – and used my Oatberry recipe for the application. (I actaully ended up YouTube-ing the video.)

I picked this one for a few reasons, #1- this is MY recipe, so that’s a cool twist, #2 – it’s quick and easy, #3 – it does not involve chocolate (still lent), and #4 – everyone loves them and so the extras were fantastic for elizabeth, me, my mom & work (plus I froze a cookie muffin for my dad).

Even though it’s my recipe, I had to make a swap, this one is a keeper. I didn’t have a full cup of regular oats, so I added 2 packages of Cinnamon Roll instant oats. It was a goooooood decision. These cookies always get rave reviews but I literally had people telling me I am amazing at work today when I handed them out. In fact, my one manager said he wanted to eat the whole container and my other manager told me, “you are like the female Wright Brothers of cookies.” I love when people love food I make 🙂 Happy Wednesday! More baking this Saturday, I promise!

gotta love the oatberries

8 Jan

Oatberry cookies are my absolute favorite cookie to make. Ok, it’s because I invented them and so they are MY cookies… plus, everyone loves them. I know, that sounds snooty, but I honestly have never had someone tell me they didn’t like them. In fact, when I brought them to work today, one of the other servers walked up the stairs to give me a hug and to say that was the best little cookie he’s ever eaten.

Oatberries were born two and a half years ago in Des Moines on a rainy day when baking was a must. I think it was a Wednesday. I had no eggs or any chocolate chips or other fun mix-ins in the house, and was too lazy to go out and get anything, so I worked with what I had – vanilla yogurt and frozen blueberries. The Oatberry cookie was born.

Each time I make them I do a little more experimenting. This time, I decided to make mini ones, and so far, no complaint. I actually think it was a good change because they seemed a little less flimsy than usual.

Aside from the possible health benefits (oats, yogurt and fruit), the other awesome thing about Oatberries is that they freeeze magnificently. You can eat them right out of the freezer, no thawing necessary. I think this is because they are a really wet cookie. I used to leave them at room temp but they got a little soggy, so now I throw them in the freezer and they last longer and seriously taste almost better frozen than fresh. Either way, they are an ode to the blueberry muffin and so easy to make. The recipe is on my “recipe” page, so bake them soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

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