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Personalizing a Classic

19 Nov

Every one loves a chocolate chip cookie. Whether you prefer crunchy or chewy, hearty or gooey, it brings a sense of warmth and safety to the chewer. Have you really ever been mad eating a home-baked chocolate chipper? I think that may be impossible.

Since moving to California, I seem to be revamping the chocolate chip cookie for my roomies. This might be out of the comfort that it brings, or maybe just because I don’t know their absolute favorite flavors yet, but I have made a version of the chipper three times in about a month. The first was the pancake cookie, followed but the salty sweet orange Halloween ones, and finally the triple chip, an intense chocolate experience with dark, milk and white chips ¬†mixed into the batter. This was the result of a recent Sunday night when we were all in the holiday spirit. Linda was making crafts and Cynthia had the ABC Family channel on in the living room and, of course, the scene could only be completed by a cookie. Lucky us, chocolate chips were on sale at Ralph’s, so we decided to bulk up these bad boys with some triple chip action. Result, amazing dense cookies filled with complimentary flavors. Even for Linda and I, who would never really choose white chocolate chips, when mixed with the others it’s a fun flavor combo. Even Alex came out of his room for a few. The recipe was off of one of the bags, but the flavor combo was the key – what’s your favorite way to change up a traditional recipe?

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