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Thanksgiving Treats

28 Nov

Oh, Thanksgiving. My favorite, most delicious holiday, and the day I always make a dessert trifle.

All of you FRIENDS fans must remember the Thanksgiving episode where Rachel makes the crazy jam, custard and beef trifle. Since that is my favorite show of all time, and one of my favorite episodes, for that past six or so years I’ve been making a trifle to celebrate the holiday. No beef though, just sweetness.

I always make my trifle a little different, and this year I went with a simple combination of Bailey’s brownies, fresh whipped cream, melted chocolate and crushed mini Oreos.

Bailey’s in brownies is amazing, I’ve already made some for my next dessert event, so easy too! I just subbed most of the water in the recipe for the liquor. They smell and taste decadent.

My whipped cream recipe is simple as well. Just whip up some heavy cream with a spoonful of powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla. Be sure to chill the bowl and the whisk before beginning.

I really enjoyed the combination of thick brownies and lots and LOTS of whipped cream.


We also got together the Saturday after Thanksgiving at my house where I attempted to make French Silk pie. I figured it’s time for me to start working on some desserts I’m not too familiar with for my audition next weekend!

The crust was so easy and delicious. I used Carla Hall’s Perfect Pie Crust from The Chew. It was flawless. The flaws came later, when I attempted to make a filling from an App on my phone. Major fail, it was grainy and gross. Since I didn’t want to spend the entire night in the kitchen, I made a quick decision to melt an entire bag of milk chocolate chips and spread that in my crust, then I made some more whipped cream and topped it with that. Honestly I thought it was pretty delicious. It was nothing like french silk pie, but it was pretty yummy and I’d like some right now!

I also made mini pie crust cups for ice cream – loved these! Plus, they were great to send home with my nieces and nephews to enjoy whenever they wanted a crunchy cup.

Saturday morning I spent the day walking around Chicago tasting chocolate with my sister-in-law to be, Erin, so I have to say I had a really sugary few days – I hope you all had a sweet Thanksgiving weekend too!

Oh – and I made these mac & cheese cups as an appetizer!

And of course, honey butter!


Septemberfest Sweets

3 Sep

Desserts are back in my life, just in time to do some final prepping for Labor Day weekend! I posted about my Snickerdoodle Blondies, which I finally tasted when I cut them up tonight. I love how thick they are, but I wish I’d added some chocolate chips in them, or perhaps if I had the ingredients to make the glaze that goes with. Either way I’m sure they’ll be a good after-fest snack or breakfast this weekend.

I also decided to doctor up a brownie mix with Bailey’s Irish Cream. I picked up a Duncan Hines Milk Chocolate brownie box a few weeks ago and thought I’d see what happened if I subbed 1/4 cup Bailey’s for the 1/4 cup water. I’m pretty sure (unless it was a malfunctioning box) that the cream weighed them down a bit. The batter was pretty sticky and the brownies didn’t seem to rise. They taste pretty good (as did the batter) but I think I may have overcooked them since they weren’t quite as fluffy as boxed brownies usually are.

I also made my famous Jell-O jiggler shots today, including a few Jiggler hats for my dad’s Septemberfest accessory. I mixed and matched strawberry, raspberry and orange jell-o’s with Smirnoff Cosmopolitan, Vodka & Bacardi O. The extra scraps were pretty yummy, I hope they last all weekend, though I know they won’t. I have the ingredients for one more batch in the cabinet.

Finally I wanted to tackle breakfast for the weekend by making my dad a pancake mix. I titled it, “Mr. A’s Septemberfest Pancake Mix,” and based it off a recipe I found at the Food Network website, I changed it up though, swapping some of the all-purpose flour for cake and whole wheat flour and also mixing in both brown and granulated sugars. He laughed when I handed him the recipe and the “mix” so I hope he will actually use it! He loves to make pancakes for any guests we have over the holiday weekend, and I’m not a fan of boxed pancakes, so this is our compromise, I hope they’re fantastically fluffy!

Well that’s all I have on the menu for now, well including the rest of my frozen fudge, but there’s always a possibility for more with me! Enjoy the weekend!

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