Essential Thanksgiving Element: Honey Butter

9 Nov

Thanksgiving might be my favorite holiday. Aside from the fact that my family goes on the same nature center walk every year, which I love, it’s also a holiday surrounded by food and drink. Sure, most holidays involve a delicious meal, but there’s always some other element to the day that makes you scurry from the table onto the next activity. Of course I love opening presents, Easter egg hunting, Trick or Treating and all the other fun holiday things, but let’s get serious here, I love food the most. And, you know, champagne & wine that comes with it.

There’s one element that I make sure to bring to the Thanksgiving table every year, honey butter. It’s quick and easy, but it adds a huge punch of deliciousness to dinner, and leftovers!

Here’s what you do:

Soften a stick (or two) of butter when you wake up Thanksgiving morning. Easy, right? Take care of all of the other things you need to do that day, whether you’re in charge of the turkey, the mashed potatoes, or like me, desserts, just let that butter hang out. Unless you live in the tropics, don’t worry about the butter getting too soft. Just be sure to keep it away from the oven.

You might forget you have that butter waiting for you, but you’ll remember as soon as you take the rolls/bread/cornbread out of the oven and you’re about 10 minutes from eating. Don’t panic, this is a two-minute recipe.

Put you stick(s) of butter in a mixing bowl, even though it’s not a lot of ingredients, I usually use a good size bowl because it’s just weird to use a hand mixer with a little bowl. Then grab your honey from the cabinet. Here’s the fun part – squeeze as much honey as you can into the bowl. I’ve never made the butter too sweet, so as long as you’re not using the whole jar, you should be fine. There really isn’t a measurement for this one, just to taste, which you are totally allowed to do on Thanksgiving! Turn on your beaters and whipped the honey and butter mixture until it looks super smooth. Then, taste test that butter until you get a perfect flavor.

You’re done! Of course since it’s Thanksgiving, you’ll want to put the butter in a fancy little bowl or something to serve, but on any other occasion, you can use a Tupperware. It’s amazing, especially with cornbread or sweet Hawaiian bread.

Once you master this, try adding vanilla extract for an extra flavor burst! Or cinnamon, or even something crazy like cayenne!

Happy Almost Thanksgiving!


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