Two Bite Jiggler Shots

24 Aug

I thought the worst had happened.

Last Friday I was prepping for our annual Brewers tailgate and I couldn’t find my Jell-O lounge recipe for jiggler shots. I started freaking out a little because despite the countless times I’ve made these babies, I never bothered to memorize the ratio or boiling water to cold water to jell-o to alcohol. I panicked for five minutes and then I got to work with my best friend Google.

What I discovered is my dear Jell-O lounge doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe Kraft thought that Jell-O, generally marketed toward children, didn’t need its own adult-only section on their website. Obviously they are wrong, but it’s their company, so you know, I’m not going to write a complaint letter or anything.

Luckily I remembered the actual recipe title, Cosmo Bites, which I have never actually made. I always pick my own flavors of liquor and Jell-O mix. Google search Cosmos Bites and the recipe does still exist in the Kraft database!!

Remember what your teachers and parents tell you, what goes on the internet, stays on the internet. So who do I thank for my recipe discovery, Al Gore?

Anyway, back on track. I used leftover pear vodka from Elizabeth’s bachelorette party, strawberry Jell-O mix, the correct proportions of boiling and cold water, lime juice and a lot of silver tequila. I was going for a strawberry margarita flavor. They were delicious.

This picture shows I was slightly lazy when I made them, I didn’t know where my other baby muffin tins were so I just made an extra enormous shot. We are it with forks.

The rest are my favorite go-to two bite jiggler shots. Any suggestions for next weekend’s?

Only after I wrote everything above did I realize I never took a picture of my creations. I think this is a first. So here is a picture of last year’s jigglers, and two pics from last weekend – our tailgate group and the aftermath of the day. 


3 Responses to “Two Bite Jiggler Shots”

  1. Thomas Abraham August 26, 2012 at 6:59 pm #

    Looks good! I can never wait for the pictures to download, however, as they are HUGE and take forever on my work computer…

    See you Saturday!



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