Surprise, Erin!!

8 Jun


My sister-in-law-to-be turned 30 this week and we celebrated last weekend when my brother threw her a fun (almost too much fun) surprise party.

I volunteered the cake, of course, and I think it was one of my best concoctions recently.

Michael asked for a basic vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, so I took it up a notch with a not so basic filling.

I googled yellow cake recipes and found this one. I loved the idea that the writer wanted to perfect the cake recipe while pregnant, so I gave it a whirl. It was definitely moist and delicious. I will comment that the recipe made more than 1 9×13, so I ended up with a bit taller layers than I would’ve liked, but it still was great.

The frosting was my go-to, with added cocoa powder and melted milk chocolate chips. I used about half the bag trying to get a deeper color but I supposed had I used dark chocolate I would’ve had a color close to what I wanted, but again, flavor trumped the mis-step.

I filled these super layers with chocolate pudding and mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, they look cute in their chocolate sandwich.

I made another batch of frosting and dyed it a perfect lime green (per Michael’s request), and topped the cake with a champagne bottle made of rice krispie treats!

For the bottle I did a lot of research on shaping treats. I found that using oil instead of butter would help the shape keep their shape, which makes sense because you kind of want less gooeyness than usual. I would never use oil in treats for dessert, they were not nearly as good as the normal ones, but the bottle held its shape really well – yes!

I decorated with the number “30” and Erin’s initial “E” and birth year “1982.”

The cake was a huge success, Erin even thought her mom ordered it. Everyone gobbled it up! Happy 30th Birthday, Erin! (and happy one year til your wedding!)

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