Slightly Stolen Simple Sweets

27 May

The restaurant I work at has a very popular dessert they call “Banana Cream Pie.”

I always tell my tables, “it’s sort of like a banana cream mound, it’s really good though – you’ll like it!” And they always do.

Last week my grandparents were staying with us and one day we baked bread and made sauce and had my aunt, uncle & cousin over for dinner so I figured I should make something for dessert, since I would be embarrassed to have a meal here with nothing sweet at the end.

The night before at work I was watching the dessert prep chef put together the mound and I thought to myself, “this is so ridiculously easy, it’s funny how good people think it is, I mean it is really yummy, but so so easy.” That thought and the important factor that Tuesday was National Vanilla Pudding Day, led me to my slightly stolen simple sweet. My version, which I will call, Vanilla Banana Cream Mound.

Step 1: Crush graham crackers to your liking. I basically cracked one sheet per dessert plate so they were chunks not crumbs.

Step 2: Make or buy vanilla pudding. I used fat-free/sugar-free instant pudding and skim milk (we just ate bread, sauce, pork and noodles, people, this was a lite dessert). Top the crackers with the pudding. (By the way at work we use banana pudding).

Step 3: Divide one 8-oz container of cool whip amongst your plates. Again, lite cool whip, I didn’t measure just glopped. We don’t use cool whip at work, just whipped cream but I liked the idea of mixing the two.

Step 4: Slice bananas and surround your mound with the slices.  As many slices per plate as you’d like.

Step 5: Top the cool whip with whipped cream, fat-free Reddi Whip, one can for 8 plates.

Step 6: Sprinkle silvered almonds a top your creation

Step 7: Finish with a caramel drizzle. You’re done! Enjoy!

What I love about desserts like this is that they’re quick and yummy but also so versatile. You don’t like bananas? ok, use a different fruit. Almond allergy? Get rid of them. Prefer chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos? Yum, invite me over. Just use your imagination and create something fun for your friends and family, isn’t that the whole reason for dessert anyway?


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