Birthday Bakes

24 May

My nieces share the birthday month of May and so my sister decided to throw them a joint birthday party last weekend and as always I got to attempt to make Madeline’s cake dreams come true!

This year Madeline wanted a Rapunzel cake, which makes me think of blonde hair swirling across a frosted castle. Of course, real or even fake hair would be pretty gross across the cake, so I opted to use some yellow frosting. Also, my castle dreams turned into one ice cream cone tower.

For the actual cake I made a from-scratch funfetti cake. I had a feeling that surprise sprinkles in the batter would be fun for a 5-year-old. I baked up one giant 12×12 cake layer and  two 6 inch rounds, one for Madeline’s tower base and one for the cutest little smash cake for Ava. Adorable.

After I baked the cakes I realized I wanted another layer for my base and turned to my mainstay – boxed brownies. You just can’t beat them. And voila! My cake was ready to be frosted.

The tower was really easy! I used two cake cones with opposite sides touching and glued them together with frosting. I added a sugar cone on top to make the tower. So simple, but I wish I hadn’t run out of purple frosting, I would’ve liked to frost the cones.

I used my favorite Food Network vanilla buttercream, added melted dark chocolate chips for Ava’s cake and for the filling of Madeline’s and a LOT of food coloring for the castle tower.

Make a wish!


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