No Mixer Required

3 May

Tuesday I took a trip downtown to visit WCIU, the station I interned at, you know, to show my face, bring my new resume and demo and remind them I’m looking for a job. And bring cookies of course.

I kept seeing this recipe on Twitter, Facebook and I think on AOL news, clicked on it, read it and realized it was worth bookmarking. Aside from the thought-provoking recipe title, the fact that the entire cookie is made in a saucepan intrigued me. Ok, it also excited me since I’m still waiting for my moving truck to bring me all my things – mixer and cookie scoops included.

The only tweak I made was to use dark chocolate chips as my chip of choice. These cookies were seriously delicious. Like the recipe mentions, melting the sugars in the melted butter creates a toasty flavor. One of the WCIU producers thought there might be coconut inside, I got a hint of caramel when I tasted (ok, ate 4 of) the cookies. I’m already planning to re-create this for my mom’s quilting lunch in a few weeks. You know me, since I had a success, I’ll most likely change up the mix-ins or add a new flavor, check back in with Sweet Talk then to see the results — and make these!

Oh yeah, I made these on National Oatmeal Cookie Day too! I love participating in food holidays!


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