Quick & Easy Ketchup

26 Apr

Playing ketchup here, not baking with it.

There were two desserts I seemed to leave out of my posts, one was a VERY impromptu honey oatmeal cookie, and the other a very quick and easy brownie “cake” for Cynthia’s birthday.

I made the weird cookies one night when we wanted cookies but didn’t want to go get any ingredients. I’m pretty sure I did some google-ing and found a cookie that used honey instead of sugar (something we were missing). I think I threw some Stevia and Splenda packets in there too and used oats as the base since we were running low on flour. I used cocoa powder and crushed (stale) ice cream cones as mix-ins. Did they turn out? Yes. Would I make them again? No, but maybe I would do more experimenting with honey and oats because it was a good combo, but definitely not the chocolate chip-ness we were craving.

For Cynthia’s birthday I had about 2 hours to help Linda decorate and create some sort of dessert. We were throwing her a surprise so there was no way I could prep in advance for the dessert. I, of course, turned to my quickest go-to sweet – boxed brownies. I made them in 2 8×8 pans so that they’d look cake-ish and then filled the middle and decorated with cool whip and sprinkles. I think it ended up pretty cute, and since the cool whip was still frozen when I started using it, it made a cool chunk of “frosting” on top instead up a small spread.


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