Baby Feet

2 Feb

There is one little baking feat leftover from my time at home this winter that I forgot to mention – Nicki’s baby feet.

Nicki is one of my best friend’s (Elizabeth) sister, and a very happy, excited, glowing mother-to-be. She lives is Mississippi, but most of her friends and family are still in the Chicago-land area. When she was home for Christmas, Elizabeth and Nicki’s best friend threw her a surprise baby shower.

I, of course, asked if I could do anything to help, but secretly just wanted to bring a dessert. We decided on baby feet sugar cookies. I made these for Marilee’s shower (yikes almost 5 years ago!) before Madeline was born, so I have the perfect little cookie cutters. Plus, my mom and I were already planning sugar cookie day, so we just doubled the recipe (holy moly over 150 cookies) and added the baby feet to the bunch.

Sugar cookies really always work well at a party, they’re great as a decoration, party favor or just a plate of colorful cookies for dessert. Nicki is due in April (when all awesome babies are born), and I wish her best of luck with the little girl’s arrival!



One Response to “Baby Feet”

  1. Laura February 2, 2012 at 5:21 pm #

    Just had a baby shower here today. Wish I saw this sooner…would have been so cute!

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