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2 Jan

As I mentioned here, my January blogs are probably going to be a mix of December stories and sweets that just didn’t make it in print yet.

Here we go with one (and the only video) of my Christmas desserts. I made 18 this year, I know I’m nuts. Especially since I did them all in 2.5 days. I enjoyed almost every minute though, which is great. That’s why I bake, right? Yes!

These Minty Oreo Balls were my spin on a well-known Oreo-Cream Cheese treat. I decided to flavor it up by adding chopped Andes Candies in the “batter” and dipping the chocolate covered balls in crushed holiday Pretzel Crisps. They were yum-tastic and added a great look to my Christmas table-scape.


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  1. The rests « Sweet Talk - January 25, 2012

    […] fit in my cookie categories of the fudges, the drops, roll outs, the bars and the minty Oreo balls, and I call these the “rests.” Simply the “rest” wouldn’t be good […]

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