Technique Upgrade

3 Dec

Dipping stuff in chocolate is two things.

#1 The perfect combination of chocolate and your favorite dipper. Whether that’s fruit, pretzels, Oreos, even bacon, yes bacon, everyone loves SOMETHING covered in chocolate.

#2 It’s a pretty basic, familiar thing to do. Most people who have ever dabbled in desserts have dipped their fair share of things in the sweet stuff.

Because of this, I was very pleased and excited with my recent chocolate dipping venture. You see, I too have been covering things in chocolate for years. I’m a sucker for salty sweet pretzels encased in milk and dark chocolate. They remind me of craft fairs as a kid. I think maybe my mom would buy them for me while she walked around looking at quilt-y stuff, she must’ve known my love for modern decor at an early age, but also knew that chocolate would keep me happy while she picked out antique Santa’s for our family room.

The Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, my family got together for pizza, salad and of course, dessert for my mom’s 5 year cancer survivor anniversary and I figured chocolate covered pretzels and strawberries would be the perfect complement. First of all, after a gluttonous week of turkey, trifles and tryptophan-filled wine, a snack-ier dessert was probably more appropriate than a cake and also it gave me a chance to experiment with dying white chocolate for decorating, purple for my mom. And second of all, my sister-in-law is gluten-free and my nephews are gluten-sometimes, so the strawberries were there for them. Ok, and me, cuz I love strawberries.

Oo, also because I just received a GIANT package of Pretzel Crisps sent to me because my snack budget is low. It’s amazing what Twitter can do. So I planted myself in the kitchen with pretzel rods, pretzel crisps, strawberries, milk, dark and white chocolates and purple food-coloring. Here are the results. Yum. Can we rewind to last week please?


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