Prep & Planning

2 Dec

Christmas baking season is so close! I’m so excited my fingers are dancing on my keyboard. Or that’s just a side effect from the caffeine I just chugged. Either way I’m pumped. Sometimes I think being away from home makes the holidays even more exciting. It definitely added an element to Thanksgiving.

This year I’ll be facing a few challenges, time and equipment. Usually I have over a week to bake and the heavy-duty ingredients get thrown in my KitchenAid mixer. My mom made me bring that to LA with me, which makes sense for all times except the week before Christmas. So I will either be experimenting with the food processor I left behind, using a hand-held, or venturing to my friends and family member’s houses around Schaumburg that are KitchenAid equip. 🙂

I’m ready to start planning though, so I hope anyone who expects a box or plate of cookies is reading! Roughly two weeks until I get home and baking so suggestions are welcome…… now.

Of course, the holidays wouldn’t be complete with some standbys, cut-out sugar cookies are our Christmas go-to and this year Madeline will be helping my mom and I bust out those. And my favorite, fudge is on the list too, but I’d love to add your faves. So let me know!


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