Trifle Time!

29 Nov

Thanksgiving is not complete without my traditional Thanksgiving trifle. I think Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of the traditions. We have our annual nature center walk, my chocolate-ly layers of trifle-ness and the Black Friday craziness my mom and I endure each year. Plus, it’s the start of almost 6 full weeks of getting together with family and friends, sharing stories and of course, desserts!

I mentioned previously that my trifle obsession began with my favorite TV show, FRIENDS and the famous trifle episode. That entire episode is hilarious and if you’ve never seen it, you’re really missing out on hilarity.

Every year since Joey devoured Rachel’s mix of lady fingers, jam and beef sautéed with peas and onions, I’ve been making my own layered concoction – minus the beef. I always change up my flavors, but the dessert always contains a base, either brownies or cake, a cookie, either chocolate chip or Oreos, a pudding flavor and homemade whipped cream – because it’s quick and easy and nothing tastes like homemade whipped cream! This year I went for easy with brownies, two flavors – dark and fudge chunk, Oreos, Oreo flavored pudding and the cream. Trifle needs to be made an hour or two ahead and then you must have enough for leftovers. The melding of flavors for breakfast on Black Friday can’t be beat.

Check out this Sweet Talk web-i-sode, featuring both of my nieces, my sister laughing and my dad sneezing in the background. Hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to hear about your holiday plans and sweets coming up in the next month! Stay sweet!


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