Free baking = Best baking!

21 Nov

My mom and I got to baby-sit my two nieces the other night and I thought that was a PERFECT time to use my amazing coupons from FoodBuzz & Duncan Hines!

I am a FoodBuzz community blogger, as a tastemaster, I am privy to great information about food blogging and sometimes, great deals like this one from Duncan Hines. I received free coupons for free products for Duncan Hines mixes as well as a can of Comstock-Wilderness Fruit Fillings. So, you know me, I’m inventive, I don’t like to follow the baking rules, so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to use my baking imagination, and my favorite 4-year-old and see what we could create.

I picked up a box of the DH pineapple cake mix and a jar of the Wilderness red raspberry and got experimenting. I’d bore you with the details, but I think you might like watching it instead. Enjoy and thanks again FoodBuzz & Duncan Hines!

PS – the cake was amazing! 🙂


One Response to “Free baking = Best baking!”


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    […] Harrison & Ava, when Auntie ‘Chelle is taking a million pictures of you and videoing you helping me bake, there’s a reason! I want you guys to see how awesome you were so you stay this way forever, […]

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