One last trick or treat

18 Nov


Obviously we are all focused on the best holiday, Thanksgiving, but let’s revisit Halloween just one more time for me, k? Thanks! So you all read my post on the De-Lite peanut butter cups, which were devoured and enjoyed! I even had a high school friend tell me she watched my webisode and made them. Really that made me ridiculously happy. But I made another Halloween dessert also, so we can’t let time go by too fast before I share that.

These cookies came from my absolutely favorite, pretzel m&m cookie recipe, of all the cookies in existence, these really shine. Sweet, salty, crunchy, ahh, I’m salivating just remembering them. Well for the holiday I took a little twist on them. You see, I couldn’t find any Halloween M&M’s and I was pretty bummed about that, but what I could do, was dye the dough orange! And I did. Watch and learn people! And enjoy the festive cocktail, too!


Here are some close-ups, cuz I know my readers like the sweet details.






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  1. Personalizing a Classic « Sweet Talk - November 19, 2011

    […] of the chipper three times in about a month. The first was the pancake cookie, followed but the salty sweet orange Halloween ones, and finally the triple chip, an intense chocolate experience with dark, milk and white chips […]

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