spiked and flat

25 Oct

I’ve been killing the “poor” phrase lately, but it relevant here. Linda, Cynthia & I eat healthfully, we work out, but we really like desserts and a few Thursdays ago, we were getting ready to watch the newest Grey’s Anatomy episode and all had the same idea that cookies would make it a lot better. That, and after taste-testing Adult Chocolate Milk a few days prior, we needed to see what the two could do together. So we did.

Since the chocolate milk was obviously pricey, due to its adultness, I wanted to be cheap with the cookies, so I ventured in our cabinets are found a surplus of pancake mix – and the chocolate chip pancake cookie began! I found a similar recipe online, and of course, changed it up to fit my situation.

You can watch it all go down, here.

And drool over the flat but delicious chippers right here. Happy Baking!


One Response to “spiked and flat”

  1. patchesprints October 25, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    Yum! I want some of that adult chocolate milk too.

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