Oven testing with Linda’s brownies

14 Oct

I’ve noticed recently that I have so much free time that I’m getting nothing done. That sounds really silly, but it’s true. I’ve put off writing about these two recent desserts because I have all the time in the world to do it. Oh silliness of being bored.

Linda’s birthday was at the beginning of the month and she requested brownies, which was perfect since I’m still unfamiliar with our oven. Her mom always made her gooey chocolate brownies for her birthday, so I was more than happy to make them for her. You all know I’m a boxed brownie girl, sorry homebakers, but it’s true. This time I bought three different kinds for some fun.

Betty Crocker Ultimate Fudge and Mississippi Mud, and then Triple Chocolate Chunk. These were all very different, triple chunk – basic mix and pour, ultimate fudge – mix, pour, cool, frost, and mississippi mud – mix and press crust, mis and pour middle, top with more crust and then bake.

My favorite thing was making them all in different pans, including my mini square muffin pans so that it looks more exciting on my huge pink tray. It was a delicious smelling afternoon in our kitchen! Here are the results – hope you had an awesome celebration, Linda!


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