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Mixer on the Move

16 Sep

I know, I know, late post again, but I’ve been kinda busy¬†. Ok, really busy moving halfway across the country, so I think that’s a pretty good excuse. Now that I’m here, jobless and all my roommates have jobs (which is good, but leaves me bored), I can update!

My mixer has been packed for weeks, but before I sent it away I had to stock up on Septemberfest desserts and cookie bars for my manager at Westwood – for 2 years he’s been asking for peanut M&M cookies and I felt like it was only right to send some his way before leaving.

Aside from those, I popped out a simple chocolate chip cookie (pretty sure the recipe was on the tollhouse bag), a simple brownie bar (box brownies with chocolate chips mixed in), peanut butter fluff cookies and an apple pie coffee cake.

Due to my mess of a life at the moment I have no idea what these recipes are, sorry, but I have pictures and thoughts. Like I said choco-chippers and brownies you can do easily. The apple pie coffee cake bars was basically a yellow cake recipe with layers of pre-made apple pie filling spread in the middle of the batter before cooking and the simplest cookie ever, the peanut butter fluff ones were one cup fluff, one cup pb and an egg – found this one from the great blogger: Iowa Girl Eats.

As for the M&M bars, go to Schaumbug, IL, in my cabinet – which I doubt my mom had time to re-do yet, and find the brown sugar bag. The recipe for brown sugar bars is on it. Make those but sub oatmeal for one cup of the flour, add some cinnamon and toss in peanut M&Ms instead of whatever mix-ins are listed and viola, you have Pete’s cookie bars.

I hope you all had a great labor day weekend – please join in reading about my new LA life on my thoughty blog and get excited, as soon as my stuff arrives I’m revamping Sweet Talk Live to become a budget cocktail show!

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