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drinkable cake batter

24 Aug

With all my the excitement of moving to California, super packing and super working, I forgot to mention the cupcakes I made for my friend Joannah’s, birthday! This recipe actually also played a part in my dad’s birthday cake – it was one of the chocolate layers – but its most important role was for her cupcakes.

I was looking for a quick and easy chocolate cake recipe. Now I usually don’t make chocolate cake, I find it dry and depressing, but I knew I wanted to dress these with a simple cool whip dollop and a strawberry and figured that would pair so much better with chocolate than vanilla. Naturally, I turned to the chocolate mecca, Hershey’s, for some help.

This batter was the strangest cake batter of my life. It was literally pourable. Not gonna lie, I “drank” the excess batter, not licked the spatula, but truly drank it. I had no faith that these cakes would rise. In fact, while they were in the oven I was trying to figure out what to make when they failed.

Then, 20 minutes later, I had beautiful chocolate cupcakes. Super surprised, but happily ready to bring them to Joannah – happy birthday, Jo!

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