“you know what, michelle. you only turn 60 once.”

29 Jul

Yes, dad. You do only turn 60 once – and I hope you had a great time doing it!

My dad had his birthday birthday last weekend and we celebrated, like always at the racetrack followed by a big party at our house. The party was a little different this year with an Old Style keg, koozie party favors and a bit more people than usual. But there was thing that didn’t change – a giant cake.

We were keeping the extent of the party a secret, but since I’m nuts and always make a big cake for his birthday, I lucked out and didn’t have to secretly bake 6 layers – 4 banana cakes, 1 brownie layer and 1 Hershey’s chocolate cake.

All of the cakes were great – the banana layers were fresh, even though they were baked days in advance, and I was amazed by the Hershey cake – it started as a liquid!

I filled them all with fluffy pudding cool whip frosting and used edible arrangement sticks to make sure my tower didn’t fall down (something I’ve done wrong before…)

Then I frosted the giant tower with my favorite frosting, dyed blue, of course and set it up in the fridge. I didn’t decorate it til the morning of the party so that my dad didn’t know what it was, it turned out great and delicious.




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