Light & Fluffy christening

4 Jul

My newest niece was christened last week and I wanted to do something different from the traditional sheet cake for her dessert, so I decided on a cross cake and mini cupcakes, though then I realized how tiny they were and also added regular sized ones.

I haven’t baked cupcakes in a while and was craving graham cracker batter, my favorite, and whipped some up for the cakes. For the frosting, my first thought was something marshmallowy, but then I realized that my work weekend wasn’t going to give me a lot of free time, so I remembered the quickest frosting ever – cool whip pudding frosting.

This frosting takes about 5 minutes, is amazingly fluffy and actually kind of healthy. I used fat-free cool whip and sugar-free pudding, and really all that is added is the small amount of powdered sugar. You can even eat this as a dessert on its own, or put it as a topper for brownies or maybe a sugar cookie with fruit, like a little dessert pizza.

I used vanilla pudding for the cross and the mini cupcakes and chocolate for the bigger ones, both complemented the graham cake very well, and the mini cupcakes were a great choice for my 4-year old niece and her little buddies.

Congratulations, Ava!!


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