Christmas in February

23 Feb

If you’ve been reading this, you know I love making cakes and wish I could do it more often – but cookies have been taking over lately. So when the restaurant where I work decided that we were getting to have a holiday party (in February – better late than never!) I jumped on the chance to make a cake. I’m always looking to impress everyone and since I don’t think I’ve ever made my co-workers cake, I decided to make my favorite graham cracker cake recipe, filled with chocolate pudding, chocolate covered marshmallows and a twist on my favorite buttercream frosting – I added in a package of hot chocolate mix.

So in addition to baking my favorite cake, I also used this opportunity to shoot my first segment for my video blog – Sweet Talk Live

So that takes care of how I made the cake 🙂 Let me know how you like the segment! There will be new ones almost every week.

Now for the inside, as I said, I grabbed a box of pudding and a bag of marshmallows and threw them inside, and then my frosting is my favorite buttercream “spiked” with hot chocolate mix – so delicious.


I hope everyone loved the cake, I think they did, and I will definitely revisit this combination in the future.


Merry Christmas Westwood! 🙂




2 Responses to “Christmas in February”


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