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A Slightly Slimmer Sweet

26 Jan

I love making desserts for others to share and enjoy, in fact that is the whole reason why I bake – to make people happy! And that includes making desserts for my friends and family’s special occasions. Last week, my mom had a group of her friends over for their monthly lunch and so I, of course, provided the sweet ending, but with a slight twist or a lower calorie slice of decadence.

I found this recipe via Weight Watchers and knew my mom would love it – she is a big fan of red velvet cake, so this red velvet angel food dessert sounded perfect, and it really was. I actually liked it more than most of the red velvet cakes I’ve made and it had no butter in it! Not even a tablespoon!!

I will give a warning for this recipe though, it overfilled my bundt cake and toppled onto the cookie sheet I placed underneath (luckily I anticipated the mess). But it still worked, so if you don’t have the pan it called for, just like I didn’t, you can still use a regular bundt pan, but maybe save some extra batter and place it in a mini loaf pan or something to reduce the overflow.

Either way, it really was delicious, and actually had quite a lot of cocoa flavor, which i think is generally missing from red velvet. Plus, the cake wasn’t as airy as most angel food, it actually had some depth – yum – perfect complement to a dollop of cool whip or some vanilla ice cream!



Happy New Year!

5 Jan

Well it looks like my blog (and I) have made it to 2011! I’m pretty happy with the change I made to wordpress in 2010, I love that this is where all my yummy pictures and recipes are hosted for everyone to salivate over – keep checking this year, I promise there will be some show-stoppers! Which leads me to remind all of my readers to listed to my dessert radio show, “Sweet Talk with Chelle.” All you need to do is click here, scroll over “Music Shows” and choose “Sweet Talk.” Then a quick download will bring you any one of my 12 delicious Sweet Talk shows. Next week’s theme is “show-stoppers,” so get ready!

Now, I rang in the new year at Westwood, no surprise there, but I wanted to bring a little something with me for my fellow co-workers. Since we didn’t get to have the traditional celebration (though we did each get a tiny champagne flute and cute hats), I wanted us to have a celebratory snack. Of course I decided this at 3pm, when I had to be at work at 4:30. So I had one option – some sort of cereal treat. And so I created the “finish the bag” cereal treats, which were pretty yummy. They included: butter, french vanilla snowman marshmallows, regular marshmallows, brown sugar, honey, cinnamon, whole wheat flake cereal, multigrain cheerios, milk chocolate chips, multi-colored sprinkles, and christmas m&ms. It was a pretty nice way to toast to 2011. Happy New Year!

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