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9 Nov

This blog is going to be changing as of this post! No longer are you forced to only read about and look at pictures of my desserts, now you get to listen to me talk about them too! Sorry still no way to actually send leftovers to you through the computer… maybe someday.

But for now you and read and oogle pics here and listen here. At, where my new dessert/music radio show is live and available for you to download! It’s titled, “Sweet Talk” and is under the Music Shows menu. Let me know your thoughts!!

The recipe I worked on for my first show was peanut butter cups for Bridget’s birthday. They were incredibly simple. Three ingredients and less than an hour later and I had cups chillin in the fridge. Bridge loved them and they were super cute. I made them both in peanut butter cup molds and mini muffin tins. I only got about 25 cups even though the recipe called for 48, but I’m guessing mine were bigger than the norm. It was a dessert success.

I also made my mom a set of Fiber One infused Brownies this week for her quilt retreat. I plan to discuss this recipe when I do a New Year’s Resolution show for Jamz, but you can check out the basic idea here, but you know me I swapped a few things. I used Fiber One, not All-Bran, I added a few teaspoons of whole wheat flour and vanilla, and I drizzled chocolate syrup in the batter. They were honestly the most amazing diet brownies ever. Will definitely be repeated.

We still have some of those in the freezer. Please listen to my show and let me know what ya think!


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