H…a…double l, o, w, double e-n spells Halloween!

28 Oct

Happy Halloweek-end! I couldn’t let myself escape the sugariest holiday of all, so I decided to tackle a few (four) recipes for this haunted holiday.

I started off with Cookie Dough Pops. I was originally going to do some sort of Oreo cake pop, but I ended up with a theme of, “using up ingredients I already had” for all of these treats and since we don’t keep Oreos in-stock (I’d eat them every moment of my life if I could), I switched it up when I found this recipe. The great part about these guys is that they are egg-free. That means that all of those salmonella from cookie dough fearing people can still enjoy this chocolate covered treat.

It was super quick too because there is no baking involved. Just a quick spin in the mixer, 20 minutes or so in the freezer and then dip the frozen cookie dough balls into whatever kind of chocolate you love. I mixed Hershey’s dark chips and milk chocolate chips with a small piece of Crisco mixed it. The Crisco gives the chocolate that candy-shop-style shimmer. It’s a simple way to glisten up dull chocolate.

The second recipe I made came from this Martha recipe. I’m pretty sure I’ve had this bookmarked for months because the idea of tiny cake-like cookies seems yummiferous. And again these were so easy, whip up the batter, drop cookies and bake. Instead of the traditional black and white cookie, I went for a more festive orange and black cookie. I’m not a huge fan of the frosting on this one, too lemony and the cocoa powder tastes a little weird, plus it’s a little runny for my liking, but that just means next time I’ll swap it for a different topping.

Then I took a few days off of baking, but resumed Wednesday with banana cupcakes and Butterfinger cookies. I ended up with most of the night free so I spent it in my favorite place, the kitchen.

We’ve had a lot of going-old bananas on the counter so I figured a banana cupcake would help me get rid of at least one. I found this recipe through a google search and I really enjoyed the taste of the batter, but the end result might have been better with a touch of cinnamon or vanilla, I’ll probably stick a Paula Deen Hummingbird recipe next time I’m looking to use my bananas, but I hope people still enjoy these. Now the frosting was a complete different story. I didn’t use a recipe at all because I was out of everything so I had to improvise. I’m proud to say I made powdered sugar (ridiculously easy – blender full of sugar) and mixed that with raspberry cream cheese, a few weight watchers cream cheese containers, some “I can’t believe it’s not butter light,” vanilla and meringue powder… and orange food coloring. It passed my pretzel test, but it is not award-winning. The flavor does bring something to the banana cake though, so finger’s crossed that someone likes them! I sprinkled yellow sugar on top to give it a candy corn like look.

Finally I mixed up some Butterfinger cookies. The M&M cookies I made a few months ago were a GIANT success so I decided to use that cookie base recipe and add toffee pieces and chopped up Butterfingers. I don’t eat peanut stuff so I didn’t taste the end product, but I have a feeling this get good reviews, though next time I’m re-entering the M&M cookie world, chocolate chips + M&Ms = cookie heaven.

I plattered everything with a sprinkle of caramel Hershey kisses and am planning to bring them to work tomorrow night and then save the rest for friends and family for the weekend.

I plan on dressing up as a messy baker Saturday night (I know, that’s not too far from the truth), so I might have to take some desserts out with me! Have a great, safe, delicious Halloween!



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