There’s a Pie Inside!

19 Oct

I promised a video this post and it’s here!

After receiving a tempting email from my friend, Justine,  I knew I had to make these cupcakes for my sister’s birthday celebration. She loves pumpkin things and even though I used to be super anti-pumpkin, I’m coming around and figured it was worth a try. It definitely was. I got intense rave reviews on these from everyone, including my brother who “hates cake.”

These cupcakes were crazy, they’re filled with mini pumpkin pies. I accidentally bought pumpkin instead of pumpkin pie mix so I had to make my own, I used this recipe for that, and it was a pretty good one — food network usually is a good place to turn for a simple, delicious recipe.  So i baked up mini pumpkin pies using a refrigerated crust and that recipe. I let them cool as I mixed the cupcakes.

The cupcake recipe alone is a keeper. It produced a very rich and fluffy cake and I’m planning to experiment with it soon!

After the pies cooled, I plopped a heaping tablespoon of cupcake batter into my liners, followed by a mini pie and another serving of batter.

After that all that was left was the baking. It really was a simple concoction.

They baked up fantastically and then I had to freeze them for a few days until the night before her birthday when I frosted them. Instead of reading about the frosting, you get to watch it!

Everyone thought the inside of theirs was the best, I think Dan won!


2 Responses to “There’s a Pie Inside!”

  1. dad October 20, 2010 at 10:23 am #

    why is the video reversed or r u now a lefty?

  2. michellerose14 October 20, 2010 at 1:42 pm #

    That’s how webcams do it, it’s like when we skype and we’re backwards!

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