10,000 smiles delivered!

19 Sep

Back in January, I wrote about the big rice krispie treat I made for the Chicago chapter of ConKerr Cancer’s 5,000th pillowcase delivery, and not even a year later, they’ve reached 10,000! That is such an awesome accomplishment, they’ve filled many children’s hospital rooms with bright, cheerful pillowcases and a smile when they need one the most.

To celebrate the accomplishment, my mom finished the Miles of Pillowcase Smiles week with a pillowcase party, where they surpassed their goal and of course, needed desserts to celebrate.

I put together a sweet spread of graham cracker cupcakes (my favorite recipe) frosting in chocolate buttercream, brownie cupcakes (a doctored box mix) frosted with vanilla buttercream and a giant coco-marshmallow rice krispie treat covered in melted peanut butter and chocolate decorated with leftover buttercreams.

I doctored the brownie mix with a splash of vanilla and a enormous helping of multiple flavored chocolate chips. After baking the chips pretty much sank to the bottom, but these brownie cupcakes may have been one of the most delicious desserts ever baked. I covered them in my favorite buttercream, which I made chocolate for the other cupcakes with some melted chips and cocoa powder.

I used my usual graham cracker recipe for the other cupcakes, it’s my mom’s favorite, and topped it with the chocolate frosting. This frosting never fails. It’s just enough butter in it to compliment the powdered sugar perfectly, there’s no super sticky sugar feeling, and I’m also able to turn it into more frosting by adding a bit more sugar to offset the chocolate addition.

Finally I made the big, square rice krispie treat. I saw Swirls marshmallows at Target and thought it would be fun to play around with them. They’re coco swirled marshmallows, advertised to make fun s’mores. The mix of the coco marshies and the regulars added a sweet twist to the batch, but covering them in chocolate was necessary because they were pretty much grey treats due to the swirl. I melted peanut butter chips and chocolate chips for the covering and spread it around before frosting. Congratulations, ConKerr Cancer Chi!


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