Picnic Cupcakes

18 Aug

My mom is the coordinator of ConKerr Cancer Chicago Chapter and it was time once again to thank her many volunteers! This time with a picnic! And like most of her events, she asked me to add a dessert to the smorgasbord. She asked for my usual graham cracker cake in multi-colored cupcakes, but I wanted to try something new, so I opted for this recipe I’ve had bookmarked for a few weeks.

The recipe is different from my usual graham cracker cake because this one just adds a bit of graham, cinnamon, butter mixture to the cake batter right before it goes into the oven vs. my other recipe that requires quite a bit of graham crumbs instead of flour. The process of egg yolks and then whites made this recipe kind of long, but the batter tasted delicious and the cupcakes were very fluffy the first day. The recipe said it makes 24 cupcakes, but I got 25 plus 12 mini muffins.

I also made the frosting from the recipe, which is a fun twist on traditional cream cheese frosting, which I usually don’t like, but with the cinnamon sugar mixture it was sweet enough for me, and a good compliment to the cupcake. My mom asked for fun colors to go with the bright children’s pillowcases the group makes, so I used my favorite sanding sugars to decorate.

I feel like these cupcakes spent a little too much time in the refrigerator because I ended up having to make and frost them two nights in advance. I would love to try them again the day of an event and see the results since the flavors were a good mix. I would also recommend these for a brunch because they’re very breakfast-y. Maybe serve them as muffins with the cream cheese mixture on the side as a spread? Let me know if you do!


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