bubbly baby cake

5 Aug

A few months back, my sister’s best friend, Stephanie, asked me to make her baby shower cake. She already had a recipe picked out for me, which was wonderful, all we had to decide was what shape she wanted for the pink champagne cake she found in a magazine. I have the recipe in a PDF file so I’m not really sure how to post it here, but am willing to share in anyone is interested.

The cake called for a Brut champagne and of course, red food coloring to make it baby pink. I’ve baked with wine in the past, but only adding in a fruit wine for flavor. This time the champagne was a headliner in the recipe – literally. Since she was expecting 40-50 people, we decided I’d obviously have to multiply the recipe in some way. I had Steph choose which pans she wanted me to use and figured out the cake math after we’d picked my square Wilton pans. I ended up multiplying the cake and frosting by 2.5 to fill the pans. And if you’ve ever multiplied frosting, you know that I ended up with WAY too much. It always seems like you’ll run out of frosting but really the surface area of the cake doesn’t change too much when it’s multiplied, especially if you change the shape.

So that’s what the big pink squares ended up looking like. The recipe is interesting because the filling is the base of the frosting, but was much thicker and so it held its own against the cake – which I will add was super moist, but I’m not so sure I loved the flavor, it tasted like Alphabet’s cereal to me. Steph liked it though, so that was the important part, plus she picked it out, so I wouldn’t have been to blame anyway. 🙂

After frosting the entire cake, in two layers because it was really thin frosting, I had to mess around with it to get a pink that I liked along with a thick enough consistency to write with. At this point I also played with the flavoring because I wanted it to be more vanilla-y. I ended up with a pretty pink, perfect for a baby girl.

Everyone loved the cake at the party and I was really happy to finally use my square pan set, I think that is a really fun shape to use for any kid event and I also love to color my cakes, it adds a fun touch without changing anything at all.


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