Ice Cream Cookies

27 Jul

I have a specific cake recipe I usually choose when someone asks for a vanilla cake, I have a favorite oatmeal cookie (my oatberries) and I definitely have a standard buttercream, but for chocolate chip cookies, I’m always on a search for the best. Each recipe yields a different cookie consistency, whether that is fluffy and soft or buttery and crispy. With that in mind, whenever I come across anything that looks super interesting, I’m all for it. Enter the ice cream cookie recipe.

Ice cream can usually be found in-between cookies in a sandwich, or maybe with crushed cookies in a sundae… but as an ingredient? Really? Yes, really.

I came across this Ice Cream Cookie recipe a few weeks ago and was super interested in the idea of adding vanilla ice cream to cookie batter. I had no idea what the ice cream would do as an ingredient or how the batter would react to adding the creamy treat.

What I learned was that the addition of the frozen ice cream (the recipe says straight from the freezer, which kind of makes me want to try it with melted ice cream…) extremely fluffed up the batter and made it a thicker consistency. It also added an intense vanilla flavor to the batter. Uncooked this batter was amazing, I had to try it, right? 🙂 And the end result was the softest, fluffiest cookies I’ve made in a while! They reminded me of Chips Ahoy! soft baked cookies, only better of course because they were homemade. I ended up baking them last Sunday and freezing them to bring with to our Fioretti family reunion this weekend. They held up well in the freezer and thawed to perfection. I would probably add more chocolate chips next time and I think it would be really fun to sub different ice cream flavors. I have a feeling that using chocolate would be delicious and have a bi-color effect. Of course, I will let you know the results!


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