Slew of Sweets

11 Jul

I just realized I’ve made six desserts since my last post on Father’s Day, yikes! But I guess that is better than making nothing, plus now there is just more to crave.

1 – Frozen Banana Soft Serve

I’ve read about this “recipe” multiple times via one of my favorite foodie sites, Carrots ‘n’ Cake. It’s the simplest recipe ever. Ingredients: 1 frozen banana, splash of milk. Freeze banana at least four hours, put in food processor with a splash of milk and enjoy because it’s amazing.

2- Cinnamon Choco Chip Cookies

What to do when your sister brings you bags of cinnamon chips? Flip the bag over and make the recipe on the back. Sometimes I wonder how often people make the bag recipes, I think aside from traditional Nestle chocolate chip cookies, it’s probably not very many, so I decided to give this one a try.

I subbed chocolate chips for the raisins and they were super yummy. I brought them to my co-camp-counselors on our movie trip, saved some for my family and brought some to elizabeth, nicki and nanci – I think they are a keeper.

3- 4th of July Star Brownies!

I’m true to my word, I always make brownies from a box. All I did here was bake them, add a few crushed pieces of chocolate, sprinkle powdered sugar on them and cut them into stars, and bring them to work and leave the scraps for my dad 🙂

4- 5th of July Marshmallow Chocolate Chip Cookies

We celebrated the 4th on the 5th with a mini family BBQ lunch, and I of course added dessert to the menu. The lesson I learned from this was maybe don’t add toooooo many marshmallows to cookies because they get toffee like, but honestly these were amazingly delicious! And something I learned from my shopping for these is that chocolate rounds, sold in bulk, are cheaper and more fantastic than chocolate chips, so I’m guessing they are going to be making quite an appearance in my upcoming baking experiences! I pulled a chocolate chip cookie recipe from my drawer of recipes that sounded pretty great, titled something about choc-full of chocolate chips, and like I said although a little toffee-esque and runny, we liked them and they will be re-vamped and re-created.

5- Lime Freeze Cake

I shouldn’t be posting this without the picture of the slice from my mom’s camera, but I’m on a roll. This was a Kraft Foods recipe I stumbled on last week when my mom wanted a light summer dessert for her monthly quilting friends meeting. I lightened it up for her by subbing pretty much everything to be fat-free and I’m pretty sure I didn’t harm it. That’s the thing about making a throw together recipe with things like Cool Whip and condensed milk, since they’re not from scratch anyways, you can sub fat-free or light items and it’s pretty much ok. It’s not like using fake butter or sugar, that usually results in a gross outcome. I’ll update the picture when I get a chance to grab her camera.

6- Tailgate Brownies

Another boxed brownie escapade, but chocked full of marshmallows & chocolate chunks… in case you can’t tell that’s pretty much what I have on hand right now. I also covered them in powdered sugar but I figured we saw that in my stars. I tailgated at a Milwaukee Brewers game yesterday and brought these guys. It was super steamy out so they got a little melty, but melty brownies are never really a problem. Consensus = delicious.

Tonight I baked cakes for my dad’s birthday next week so that post will be up on time after it’s decorated and devoured Saturday and Sunday.


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