father’s day frozen mousse cake

21 Jun

My dad loves cake and my dad loves ice cream. But I’m trying to broaden my baking horizon, so I took his loves and decided to make this, with a twist of course.

I made the cake part exactly how the recipe told me to, and my only issue was that I didn’t have time to completely cool it, so I had to use the fridge, which I think made it s a little crumbly, but it was just what it needed to be.

Next was the mousse, which takes a LOT of whipping. Whipping egg whites, whipping egg yolks, whipping cream and making sure things are the right temperature and then more whipping, it was a lot of work and made me super nervous. Also, my dad doesn’t like Kahlua desserts, so I swapped it for Bailey’s Irish Cream. But, I really don’t know if that was a suitable swap. In the end, flavor-wise, it was good, but consistency wise, I’m not sure that it functioned the same… and I was afraid that it wasn’t going to be as “mousse-y” and fluffy as it was supposed to be. I also took out the espresso powder and used cocoa powder instead, again to steer clear of the coffee flavors he didn’t really want.

Then I said a prayer to the mousse gods and went to work for 11 hours Saturday night and 5 hours Sunday morning. When I finally got home I took the frozen concoction out of the freezer and prepped the ganache, where I used Creme de Cacao instead of the Kahlua. I love using ganache so I’m always happy to find a new recipe for it – this one is a winner!

And so was the rest of the dessert, all about eaten in an hour, like always. Even my relatives that proclaim they didn’t want any dessert gobbled their share. But my dad did have to have some ice cream on the side, some things can’t be swapped 🙂 Happy Father’s Day!


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