purple pony cake

2 Jun

Happy 3rd Birthday to my niece, Madeline!

She requested (and received) a purple pony cake FILLED with lots and lots of chocolate chips. She didn’t really request any specific flavors, just colors 🙂 so I took the rest of the choices on myself.

I chose to make two layers: a brownie base and a vanilla cake layer, both filled with a combo of semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips and a layer of chocolate whipped cream and chocolate chips in between, all covered in purple buttercream.

As you’ve read before, I always use boxed brownies, so this was no different. However, I mixed flavors and brands for my giant square pan – Betty Crocker Dark Chocolate and Pilsbury Milk Chocolate.

It was interesting to mix these two boxes, I found that the Pilsbury brownies were thinner than the Betty’s, but combining them made for a different chocolate flavor with each bite.

Next I whipped up (literally) my own whipped cream and added cocoa powder in at the end for the filling, again with chocolate chips.

And finally I used my tired and true Paula Deen basic cake recipe as the final layer, again with a few handfuls of chips added in.

I stuck with my buttercream this week also, tinting it purple as Madeline requested and adding pink for the writing.

I ended up loving what it looked like even though it was simple and silly, couldn’t be more perfect for a 3-year old! And everyone loved it, so that was great too 🙂 After a giant cupcake for her first birthday and a 4-tier princess cake last year, I can’t wait to see what she asks for next year!


One Response to “purple pony cake”

  1. justinelorelle June 3, 2010 at 4:08 pm #

    That looks awesome!

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