copycat pie

31 May

Text message from my brother:

“Can you make a caramel pecan french silk supreme pie like baker’s square for sunday?”

I don’t think I’ve ever been asked for such a specific dessert before! I told him to give me a minute as I googled the info. I’m not a Baker’s Square frequent so I didn’t even know what this pie was like, but of course, my fellow Internet bakers were helpful as always. I immediately found this recipe from and told my brother I would be able to make the pie. It was for his girlfriend’s mom’s birthday and that is her favorite dessert.

The fun thing about this recipe was that I got to play around with a brand new recipe. I pretty much followed it, and now that I’ve made it I can see how it could be altered for many other delicious summer desserts. Plus, aside from the 5 minutes crust baking, there was no oven usage, which is great for hot weather. I decided to buy a graham cracker crust instead of using a homemade one because I wasn’t sure exactly how this recipe would work and wanted to make sure I didn’t screw it up.

First came the caramel pecan layer, melted caramels, chopped pecans and cream:

Next, the chocolate french silk, my favorite part:

Then a layer of a cream cheese-whipping cream combo:

And finally I got my decorating bags and tips out to use the whipped cream, chocolate, pecans and caramels to make the pie look amazing, I decided not to decorate it exactly like Baker’s Square does and I’m pretty sure there were no complaints 🙂

I asked my brother to get a pic of the inside the next day when they ate it:

Erin said her mom loved it, so that made me happy! Also, my parents were happy because every time I made a layer there happened to be a bunch leftover, and so they were allowed to enjoy the “extra” caramel pecan french silk layers atop of vanilla cake base:


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