25 May

I pulled out my favorite recipes and frosting tips for a double cupcake week! First was my friend, Jessica’s, birthday. I can’t let a good friend’s bday pass by without some desserts, so I dedicated Thursday morning to baking. I was planning to make her a giant pink frosted sugar cookie, but plans changed when I got a call for a cupcake order for Friday night  – 34 cupcakes frosted in chocolate and vanilla buttercream. So, Jessica got cupcakes too, pink for her though. All of the cupcakes were from my favorite vanilla cake recipe from Paula Deen. The trick with this recipe is that you HAVE to let the butter cream alone for a few minutes and then cream the butter and sugar for ten whole minutes. That sounds like a very long time, but it makes such a difference in the cakes, honestly that are amazingly fluffy and moist and perfectly round on top. However, if you don’t let the mixer run for that long, you can uneven, semi-dry cakes and that’s not good at all. Just make sure to keep them in an air-tight container and these cakes will last you a few days.

For Jessica, I layered pink sprinkles and batter in the cupcake liners and then frosted with pink buttercream, my fave frosting had to go under a few changes because Jess loves cream cheese, so I pretty much invented this frosting, rave reviews though 🙂

And for the cupcake order, I stuck to my favorite frosting for the vanilla cakes and then added melted semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa powder to get the chocolate ones. All lovely and delicious and I got some great pictures of them too!

My dad was pretty happy, too – he got the leftover cupcake, with a frosting duo:


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