love making people smile!

2 May

You know I usually bake on Saturdays, well this week was different because I wasn’t going to be off of work Saturday night, instead I enjoyed the day out in Lincoln Park with my parents celebrating that my mom is a Pancreatic Cancer survivor at the 2010 PurpleStride Chicago PanCan 5K and after party (feel free to continue to donate!) So I changed my baking day to last Thursday. This was three-fold. 1) I worked Thursday night soI still brought treats to work, 2) My parents were going to dinner at my aunt & uncle’s so they had some extras with them and 3) I pulled a fun cookie recipe from Wednesday’s Daily Herald food section so it all went together pretty well. The recipe was the sidebar to an article about emptying the pantry, which has been a recent theme in my baking, so I thought I’d mess around with this recipe too. I stuck with the same base: butter, flours & coconut for texture, but changed the ratio os sugars (I subbed in 1/4 cup of white sugar), used pure vanilla, accidentally swapped the baking powder and baking soda, and chose a mix of semi-sweet and milk chocolate chips & chunks, and used Hershey’s toffee pieces instead of nuts.

As with most of my recent baking experiences, this was a complete success and really made me realize why I like to bake – just to make people smile. I know that sounds so silly but it’s very true. I mean, yes I LOVE raw cookie dough and leftover cake batter and frosting and chocolate chips, but really I will bake anything anyone asks for just to make people happy, which you will see next week when I bring peanut butter cookies to work just because I was asked for them! This wee will have a few recipes and lots more happy tummies! Mmm…..


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