3-minute cocoa cake

29 Apr

If you’ve you ever had a super chocolate craving that you couldn’t tame with any other food, you’ll know how I was feeling last week. The problem – no candy, pudding, chocolate chips or anything of the sort in the house. Except leftover cocoa mix from winter. I wasn’t really in the mood to drink my chocolate, but I recalled reading something about using cocoa mix to make a microwave cake and decided it would be a great time to experiment. My brother and his girlfriend were over and she was ready for some chocolate too so I pulled up a recipe online and tweaked it just like always. The recipe was quick and simple, not much more than the cocoa, flour and egg and oil and 3 minutes later that gooey chocolate batter turned into a cake.

The coolest part of this experiment was that the batter expanded like a marshmallow in the microwave. The sucky part was that it didn’t really taste very good :(. The cake was super dry, thought my brother and I think it might have been because we have a extremely powerful microwave. Either way it was a fun experiment and mixed with a little whipped cream tamed the cocoa-craving.


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