birthday in booth 10, bribery cookies & boxed brownies

21 Apr

Last week was my birthday – I feel so old! Ok, I know most of you reading this are my age or older, so it’s nothing against being older, 23 just seems like a weird age because it’s a whole 2 years older than 21, but 2 years closer to 25! Either way, I has already baked my own birthday “cake,” so I didn’t need another one, but I had one bought for me from my favorite co-workers! 🙂 They had me come into work on my birthday before I was going out to dinner and brought me to booth 10 where they sang to me and gave me presents, it was a very thoughtful surprise – and a very yummy cake with chocolate buttercream, my favorite.

The next night I went to work and twice my manager asked me where the blueberry cookies were, I told him I’ve only had 2 days off this month and so there wasn’t time for baking. On my way out he jokingly mentioned the cookies again, so I came up with a plan to bake them for him the next morning along with a bribe note to let two of my co-workers off of work Friday night to come to my birthday party. I had my mom drop off the oatberry cookies and apparently he was super embarrassed, I kinda wish I was there to see it! I guess the bribe half worked, one of my co-workers was let out early but ended up having a family thing so she couldn’t make it to the party 😦 but I guess either way he got the cookies he asked for!

Last but DEFINITELY not least, are my yummmmmmmmy boxed brownies. I know, bakers should probably make brownies from scratch but I just can’t beat a boxed brownie, so I never will. I made delicious triple chocolate brownies for my friends who came for my party and they were fantastic. Yum!


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