my early birthday “cake”

12 Apr

I love cake. I love the different flavor possibilities of base, filling and frosting, and I love the batter. What I don’t love about cake is that it’s a planning process and storage needs. Although I ended up having a lot more time off this weekend then I expected, I still didn’t have the cake baking, planning time needed. I opted to make a cookie cake for my family birthday celebration. I love cookie cakes, they’re super easy and fun, plus the options for putting together and plating are endless. I began with the chocolate chip-oreo cookie base in my recipe section, this cookie was fantastic, and actually much more delicious in the thick cookie cake form. I really wanted to make chocolate chip cookies with Oreos after I read about them a few months ago and the result was really good. Next time I plan to use double stuffed or chocolate cream Oreos, this time I used bite size cookies.

The little Oreo chunks were a fantastic addition to the chocolate chip cookie, plus it was an interesting combo because instead of regular chocolate chips, I chose Hershey’s mini kisses for my cookies.

After I baked these rounds, I softened a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked and spread it in between two 6-inch cookie rounds.

Yum. I love softened ice cream. When you allowed the ice cream to melt for a few minutes, the flavors peak. I really think that is how ice cream is supposed to be eaten. When it’s right out of the freezer, it’s too cold to taste good.

After I “sandwiched” the ice cream in between the cookies, I made a quick ganache topping out of whipping cream and leftover chocolate bunnies from Easter. I let it solidify a bit and topped the creation with the ganache.

I probably could have let the ganache thicken up a little more, but I liked the chocolate and ice cream swirls that formed all over the “cake.” I love pairing the cookie with ice cream because it softens the cookie but still supports the ice cream. If you wanted to fill a regular cake with ice cream, it would have to be a very dense or frozen cake, which is why I’m not really a fan of traditional ice cream cakes. The cake loses it’s flavor and just tastes like “cold.”

But not this “cake,” it was fantastic.

Happy early birthday to me!


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    […] it’s a whole 2 years older than 21, but 2 years closer to 25! Either way, I has already baked my own birthday “cake” , so I didn’t need another one, but I gott one bought for me from my favorite co-workers! […]

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