Quick & Simple… but a little sticky!

25 Jan

After having quite the two weeks of being sick and injured, I finally made it back into the kitchen tonight, again for a meeting of my mom’s. It’s super helpful for me that she is the ConKerr Cancer Chicago coordinator and also hosts quilt retreats because she often has mini get-togethers that I can bake for. Since my dad lives in Canada Monday-Friday and my waitressing schedule is so sporadic, baking generally gets saved for special occasions these days – so I’m hoping special occasions keep coming up!

So for her meeting tomorrow I made raspberry scone drops and caramel-apple muffins. The “quick & simple” part of this title goes to the scones. This really isn’t baking… my mom had a mix in the cabinet for at least 6 months and I finally mixed it with water. Seriously, that’s all it took to make these.

Just 3/4 cup of water and the dry mix yielded 12 scone drops. I decided to make these little guys into drops instead of wedges so that there were be more of them. 12 instead of 8. They smelled good, the batter tasted good and the crumbs that fell off were yummy too, so I hope they’re a hit, though as I said, I can’t take much credit.

The second snack I made is the sticky reference. Since my mom and some of her friends do Weight Watchers, I sometimes have to fall back on low-fat recipes – because, like I said, sometimes she’s the only one here! So today I tried this caramel-apple muffin recipe, because they looked pretty cute and we had all of the ingredients. Plus, as a weight watchers points value of “3,” it’s roughly 150 calories, so it has yummy-potential. This recipe was quick & simple, but tremendously sticky. The note at the bottom warned me, but I didn’t realized how stuck my fingers would be! If I make these again, I will make sure to divi up the batter and then add the apples because mixing in was kinda a pain. (Stickiness intensified by caramel glaze, too!)

In the end they looked and smelled super good too – I’ll have to have the ladies comment on this post with their reviews of the treats, and I’m hoping to get a few more recipes baked this month. I just got the new Paula Deen magazine and there is a super cute idea for Valentine’s Day – get excited!


One Response to “Quick & Simple… but a little sticky!”

  1. The Dad January 27, 2010 at 6:12 pm #

    Hope you saved some for me,,

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