6 months and no cakes?

14 Jan

After this baking experience, I looked in my pictures and realized I hadn’t baked a cake since July. I couldn’t believe this, but it seems I have been much more cookie-minded lately, and for birthdays I had been sticking to cheesecakes and pudding pies. I’m guessing it is because cakes take a bit longer and I’ve been busy since I started waitressing, but it was a shock! My mom will definitely be getting an awesome cake for her birthday in February!

The reason I bring this up is because Monday I baked a cake and encountered some difficulties.

Problem #1: No parchment paper. So, since I’ve been so cookie-minded, not having parchment wasn’t so terrible. I used some Silpat sheets and they worked well. This isn’t the case for cake. I decided to use foil, and it was a mini mistake. My cakes lost their corner when I pulled them out of the pan.

Problem #2: As a result of losing the corners, the frosting wouldn’t stick without breaking the cake. Now, I was well aware that this was going to happen once the inside of the cake was exposed, but I figured that I could make it work. Well, eventually I was able to, but it called for MUCH more frosting than I expected.

Problem #3: Guacamole frosting. I didn’t actually make guac frosting, but i initially frosted the cake with milk chocolate frosting and then had the bright idea to make green and layer it. Result – guacamole like frosting. Lesson learned: stick to one color and remember, always make more frosting then you think you’ll need!

Enough with the problems, I can’t complain too much because the cake ended up cute and was ridiculously delicious. And I’ll tell you why – graham cracker cake batter! This is one of my absolute favorite cake recipes. I discovered it three years ago while baking Bridget’s birthday cake. She loves S’mores so I wanted a graham cracker base.

This cake is super quick and simple. All of the ingredients are thrown in a bowl at the same time, mixed up and baked. And I’m not kidding it’s an amazing flavor. It’s light and full of flavor without being super sugary.

So this is a long post because I need to explain the importance of this cake. My mom is the Chicago coördinator of ConKerr Cancer, an amazing organization that provides children in hospitals with cheerful pillowcases during their stay. The Chicago chapter reached 5,000 pillowcases and to celebrate this amazing feat, my mom

held a volunteer luncheon for the chapter. Please click the link and learn more about this great organization, it’s a great way to help children who need more smiles in their lives!

The cake was for about 30 people, so that is why I stuck with a sheet-type cake – easy to cut and serve. My mom designed the cake – a clothesline with pillowcases hanging, and even though it might not be one of my most inventive or prettiest creations, it was super yummy and a great way to celebrate ConKerr Cancer’s success. Congratulations!!


3 Responses to “6 months and no cakes?”

  1. The Dad January 14, 2010 at 8:16 pm #

    What a great article and tie-in to mom’s charity ! You must get youe creative ideas from both of us !


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