gotta love the oatberries

8 Jan

Oatberry cookies are my absolute favorite cookie to make. Ok, it’s because I invented them and so they are MY cookies… plus, everyone loves them. I know, that sounds snooty, but I honestly have never had someone tell me they didn’t like them. In fact, when I brought them to work today, one of the other servers walked up the stairs to give me a hug and to say that was the best little cookie he’s ever eaten.

Oatberries were born two and a half years ago in Des Moines on a rainy day when baking was a must. I think it was a Wednesday. I had no eggs or any chocolate chips or other fun mix-ins in the house, and was too lazy to go out and get anything, so I worked with what I had – vanilla yogurt and frozen blueberries. The Oatberry cookie was born.

Each time I make them I do a little more experimenting. This time, I decided to make mini ones, and so far, no complaint. I actually think it was a good change because they seemed a little less flimsy than usual.

Aside from the possible health benefits (oats, yogurt and fruit), the other awesome thing about Oatberries is that they freeeze magnificently. You can eat them right out of the freezer, no thawing necessary. I think this is because they are a really wet cookie. I used to leave them at room temp but they got a little soggy, so now I throw them in the freezer and they last longer and seriously taste almost better frozen than fresh. Either way, they are an ode to the blueberry muffin and so easy to make. The recipe is on my “recipe” page, so bake them soon!

Enjoy your weekend!


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